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+94% Increase in New Paying Subscribers to WLD

WhiteLabelDating.com sees an impressive +94 increase in new subscriptions on Black Friday contributing to our largest MoM growth in paying subscribers on the WLD platform since 2017. 

Black Friday is known to boost business revenues across a number of industries. We expected subscription revenue growth as a result of Friday’s engagement campaigns but the results this year have blown us away!

Our Black Friday offer that was available to members across all major territories on both our Mainstream and Casual networks went down a storm. The offer resulted in a massive +94% increase in daily initials (brand new subscribers) and a huge +79% increase in re-initials (members re-upgrading their subscriptions) contributing to record-breaking month on month growth in the number of paying subscribers on the WLD platform since 2017.

Throughout the comparison period, the previous Friday, our Engagement team were also promoting offers both via email as well as on-site. This demonstrates further the impressive nature of the growth figures over the Black Friday weekend.  Cyber Monday also saw a considerable +93% increase in re-initials versus the previous offer-filled Monday.We’re thrilled to see an increase in new subscribers as a result of our proactive approach to optimise our comprehensive engagement schedule. Getting members back on-site and boosting engagement is crucial in growing revenues for our partners.

Of course, the more registrations reaching the White Label platform from our partners marketing campaigns, the more members we can engage.

In recent months, the WLD platform has seen a boost in traffic following the successful launch of our SEO tool. The tool aims to strengthen partners organic positioning within search engines for specific high volume keywords, as well as create a wealth of location specific pages for partners, resulting in more organic traffic reaching our partners sites with no additional cost for them!

In November we also launched Postback Tracking for Google. Postback allows partners to link accurate lifetime revenues to Google campaigns, meaning that every time we process an initial, re-initial or re-bill payment, together with refunds and chargebacks, we update the LTVs generated from campaigns to provide accurate LTV’s.

For further advice on how to set up Postback Tracking, check out our how-to guide or get in touch with your Partner Manager today! 

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