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We’ve Increased the Total Number of Logins to Our Partners Sites by +24%!

There are a few key metrics to consider when analysing the quality of traffic being sent to online dating sites. The better quality of traffic being sent, the higher the change of traffic upgrading to a paid subscription and generating a greater return on investment. One of the key factors to look out for is whether users are verifying their email addresses after they have signed up.

Why is this important? 

White Label Dating has a dedicated Customer Engagement team that works tirelessly to engage users after they have signed up. On a daily basis, our team sends highly engaging emails, as well as membership offers, to get users to return to the site to engage with other members. This in turn leads to more conversions and more revenue in our partners pockets as there is a positive correlation between on-site engagement and upgrade rate.

But, we can only send members these emails if they have given us permission to do so and if they have verified their email address.

How we’re helping partners get more value from verified members

Due to recent government guidelines coming into play as a result of Covid-19, we anticipated there would be many members with more free time in the day and the evenings. We wanted to ensure our partners could monetise the traffic they have previously driven to their dating sites by getting as much engaging content to the members as possible to get them back online and prompt them into the billing cycle.

Last week, with the aim of achieving this, we made some changes to our member email systems

What have we seen?

Since making the first change mid-last week, we’ve seen fantastic initial results. Not only did our partners see the highest Wednesday for initial revenue so far this September, it was the highest Wednesday of the year since January 1st. The number of new unique logins on Wednesday increased by +13%, following the first change, with total logins growing by +24%

A second round of changes late last week, led to a further, sustained +8.5% in unique logins from Thursday to Sunday and +12% increase in total logins for the same period.

We closely monitored same-day conversion before and after the changes and have seen an increase of +24% on the casual network and an even greater increase of +38% on the mainstream network!

What else have we changed?

Towards the end of last week we also optimised the way other WLD emails types are delivered to members. We made amends to the time of day emails are sent and the frequency between emails.

Emails are now programmed to be delivered at the best performing timezone for each specific territory, ensuring a suitable time period is left between sends on the same day. Having emails go out at local times and spread throughout the day means there is a higher chance of a member engaging with one or more emails and returning to site.

We anticipate the newest changes, teamed with new and compelling merchandising campaigns to support them, to have increasingly positive effects on our partners upgrade rates in the coming weeks. We will, of course, continue to monitor the metrics at play and update you in the coming weeks. 

Take advantage now! 

Don’t forget, the more upgrades your sites see in the next couple days, as September closes, the more rebill revenue you will achieve in October as any one month subs taken out now will fall in October. With more members online and engagement reaching all time highs, there isn’t a better time to drive traffic to your WLD sites to reap the rewards in both September and October!

If you have any questions about the recent changes talked about above, please contact our Partner Team at partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com.

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