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WLD Supports Partners to Find Their Perfect Member

White Label Dating supports Partners with data analysis at member level to decrease CPLs and increase profits through campaign optimisation across each source, campaign and even keyword.

The WLD Partner Team are confident that focusing on campaign targeting by age, gender, device and even location (to name a few) will give partners the opportunity to learn more about their traffic and find their perfect member(s). Finding out which type of members have the highest propensity to pay, using their own campaign data, lets partners identify the traffic they should be focusing on, with the end goal of maximising profits.

How are we doing it?

Recent blogs detailing demographic and device specific analysis as well as metrics available at a member level have proven a success for partners wanting to optimise their campaigns and reduce costs. The analysis allows partners to spend more effectively on a more targeted audience, eliminating the costs of members that aren’t generating a sustainable ROI or an ROI at all. It’s important to understand that all traffic behaves differently, but when we determine the behaviour we want, the path to optimisation is clear.

Here are just some of the questions we’re answering for Partners…

Which traffic is more profitable – mobile or desktop? – Not all traffic will pay on the same device they join a dating site on. Some may sign up on mobile but in fact, pay on desktop. It’s key information like this that will allow you to target effectively by device.

Is my dating site the right price? – Knowing the average initial revenue (the amount paid the first time a member upgrades) coming from each subscription, per device, is important as it tells you how much you can spend.

Which of my members rebill? – It’s vital to remember that not all packages (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) rebill at the same rate, so your life-time-values may not be what you think they are. It’s likely you can spend more per member as rebill propensity increases.

Do males or females have a higher propensity to pay? – We already know this varies per network, but it will also vary per source and campaign. Knowing which gender converts best per campaign will allow you to target more effectively.

Should I be targeting specific areas? – Similar to above, conversion rates will vary by network, but do some geographical regions convert better than others? The answer is yes. If we know that, for example, males on mobile in Manchester have the best ROI, you can confidently increase spend on those members, leaving behind regions that are losing you money.

If you are a WLD Partner and would like support with campaign optimisation, get in touch with your account manager today or reach out to partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com to request your bespoke reports.

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