You Can Now Run Instagram Ads Via MailChimp & Target People Similar To Your Best Customers

Mailchimp Instagram

Users of MailChimp can now run their Instagram ad campaigns through the email marketing platform.

The update comes a few months after MailChimp added the capabilities to launch Facebook ad campaigns using the email marketing tool.

As for why you would want to use MailChimp to run your Instagram and Facebook campaigns, the main benefit lies in the ability to harness your MailChimp lists, the company said – using the interests and demographics of your best users to find similar new customers.

As MailChimp explains: “By targeting people who look like your top customer segments from your MailChimp contacts, you can find and attract precisely the right audience.”

Mailchimp Instagram

In terms of options, MailChimp lets you either target your current lists, reach new customers with the same interests and demographics as your existing users, or people with interests you have manually defined.

Within these, you can also refine your audience to only show ads to people in certain locations, of a certain gender, or between a particular age range.

After setting a budget and creating the ad itself, MailChimp then gives you specific feedback on the campaign’s ROI, how many subscribers you added, how many customers were acquired and how much money was generated.

Explaining the reason for this product update, MailChimp VP of Product Management John Foreman said: “MailChimp’s e-commerce customers already spend a lot of time and effort making sure their brand and product photography is on point. Now you can use those beautiful images to bring in customers.”

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