Teenager Leads Development of New Video Date App


A new video dating app whose development was led by a 17-year-old has become the latest addition to the world of mobile dating.

Instamour aims to sidestep identity problems in the industry by providing face-to-face video dating.

And high school student and iOS developer Alec Kriebel was at the centre of its development.

He joined the team after approaching Instamour CEO Jason Sherman at an industry event and asking to lead their mobile project.

Kriebel said: “I’ve been building apps since I was fourteen, but the past year has been a whirlwind of learning as we leveraged new technologies to develop the app. 

“Jason had faith in me, and that drives me more than almost anything, it’s exciting to see real people building real relationships and potentially redefining their lives through the technology I helped build.”


The app connects people together who have “fresh video profiles that must be current and recorded directly from the profile user’s device.”

The company hopes their real-time audio-video communication will stop the “they weren’t what they were supposed to be” problem in online dating.

The app launched on 26th September and gained over 1,000 downloads within a few days, with users coming from Spain, France, Italy, Dubai and the US.

And CEO Jason Sherman was all praise for the 17-year-old iOS maestro who led the development team, saying: “Alec is a brilliant teenage technologist who understands the need our app fills, and intuitively marries the latest technology with that gut-level feeling of how people really want and need to connect.

“Alec is a diamond in the rough that just keeps getting better, and we are pleased to be the venue that can show the world his shine.”

Download the app here.