College Party-Planning App Funded By Tinder Founders Valued at $14m


Wigo, the party-planning app for college students has raised another $1.5m in an extension of their seed round.

In 2014, the Boston-based app raised an initial seed round of $550k from investors including Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, and founder Paul English.

The latest funding saw the party-planning app valued at $14m.

The app lets you see which people from your college are out that night, request who you want to see out, and message the group.

To make sure it remains an app for students, it has a GTFO feature where you can report people who don’t go to the college.

It also has a history erase feature, where all messages sent the day before are erased, so you don’t regret what you may have said.

The company, founded by Ben Kaplan, said Wigo is active on 1,400 campuses and has more than 100,000 active users.

Kaplan said: “The entire Wigo team is excited to have such great partners supporting our mission to change the way students plan their social lives. We want to build an app that college kids physically can’t function without.”

Their latest feature is Event Highlights, where students can upload pictures from an event and let others rate them.

Download the app here.


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