NY App Is Date Planner For Gentlemanly Users


New app Dapper is a date finder and planner for New York singles.

After signing up, you select which days you are free for a date.

Dapper then finds a night when another user is free, and sets you up if they fit your interests and preferences.

Once the connection is made, Dapper then books you in at a wine bar or lounge in Manhattan, and the first drink is on them.

Women also get to choose what area of Manhattan they want to go out in.

The app also makes men adhere to a “gentleman’s agreement” before using the app:

“My intention for using Dapper is to meet someone for a real romantic connection — not finding an activity partner. I understand that Dapper collects feedback after my dates and will end my membership if I am found likely to have acted like a non-gentleman.

“I will not push for sex on the first date. I will be courteous at all times. I know how to dance, at least a little bit. I know the difference between confidence and arrogance. I believe that chivalry is not dead. I know how to cook at least one good meal.”

In addition to kicking off ungentlemanly users, the NY app verifies users’ age, education, workplace and pictures via Facebook.

Men must pay $19 to join, women $9.

The app will be released on the 16th November in New York.

Visit their site here.

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