Alumnus Launches ‘Together’ App On Old Campus


An alumnus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has taken the Tinder route by launching his new social discovery app at his old college.

David Estrada founded mobile application company Glimr Inc, and has just launched a social app for UCSB students, called Together.

The app is a conglomeration of many popular features from current dating and social platforms – users can post statuses and pictures, connect with other students via interest-based matching, along with signing into locations and chatting to nearby users.

Speaking to the UCSB paper, The Daily Nexus, Estrada said he came up with the idea during his time at the college, where he graduated in 1990 with a degree in political science. 

He said: “While at UCSB I was always looking for ways to be connected with people. 

“But one thing that was always difficult was just being in a place on campus or around I.V and meeting people at that right place then and there.

“Even then there is not a single service that is great at helping students to do this.”


Estrada previously worked for Google, Yahoo and YouTube before founding his own mobile development company, under which he has also released the “pictures you can hear” app Glimr.

Glimr programmer Scott Delly echoes Estrada’s sentiments that current dating apps don’t do enough to help users find like-minded people at college: “Dating apps like Tinder provide a weak solution where you can meet people that look good to you for dating. We wanted something more.

“Students in college are used to meeting new people, and striking up conversations with strangers all the time.

“Since our app encourages users to do just that, we feel college students will have an easy time using it, and it will still be useful to them.”

The Glimr team will monitor the success of Together at UCSB, and hope to expand the app to other colleges before releasing it to the general public.

Visit their site here.

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