Key Metrics For SNAP’s The Grade Increase By 50%


SNAP Interactive has released some data about their single-rating dating app The Grade.

The app, which grades users based on their behaviour, has seen a 58% increase in swipes, and a 81% increase in matches from February to March.

The Grade, which was released last November, also recently registered its 10 millionth swipe.

The app ranks singles by grades, from A+ to F, and bans anyone who gets an F.

Grades are calculated using a few main criteria, including their popularity on the app — based on the quality of their profile and how often they are liked.

Users also get judged on how often they respond to messages, if they regularly receive replies to their messages, and on the quality of their messages.

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Their main market is New York City, and SNAP said 75% of new users from the city returned to the app after the first day.

SNAP CEO Cliff Lerner said: “The Grade holds users uniquely accountable for their behaviour through grades, and we believe the retention data reflects that.

“Proof that our concept is working is further shown through the high message response rate from women of over 56%, along with the infrequent use of vulgar and hostile content in messaging. Less than 1 out of every 200 messages from men contain what we define as low quality content. 

“We believe accountability is necessary in online dating, and The Grade is at the forefront of providing it.”

At iDate this year, Lerner said they analysed figures on their new app The Grade, and found that women liked men 8% of the time, and 50% vice versa.

Download the app here.

Simon Edmunds

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