YouShouldTotallyMeet Lets You Play Matchmaker


New app YouShouldTotallyMeet wants friends to play the matchmaker, letting them set up their single friends together.

Described as Tinder meets LinkedIn’s endorse feature, the Facebook-based app wants to make blind dating safer and less awkward.

Their website says: “We all have awesome single friends. And some of them might just hit it off with each other.

“Now you can play matchmaker and introduce those friends over Facebook.”

The friend of a single person builds a profile for them, which they “endorse” by giving a reason why someone should go out with them.

Then mutual friends get to vouch for them with “agree” or “disagree” votes.

The creators believe that the app removes the randomness of the dates an online dating site’s algorithm might suggest.


Co-founder Hayley Taylor said: “We saw an opportunity to use Facebook as a way for single people to have fewer bad dating experiences.

“By being set up with mutual friends of friends, it’s a way to ‘kiss fewer frogs,’ so to speak.”

The four advertising workers from Toronto who created the app are looking for $25,000 of funding on Indiegogo to launch it on iOS and Android.

The team also have Ed Lum, co-founder of Lavalife, helping with strategic planning and leading their product design.

So far they have raised $4,681.

Incentives for donors include free premium access to the app when it’s operational, a professional photo shoot and for anyone who donates $1000 or more – a date with co-founder Anne Ngo. 

Visit their Indiegogo page here and watch their promotional video below: