Dating Sites Profit from Turning Blind Eye to Scammers, Says Dating Site Owner


The owner of dating site Christian Filipina has attacked the dating industry, saying companies knowingly let scammers onto their sites because it is profitable for them.

Peter Christopher says that mainstream and niche dating sites turn a blind eye to scammers as they increase membership and their numbers also help them bid for advertising revenue.

He makes the claim in “Why Are There Scammers on Dating Sites”, his first video blog for Honest Dating Sites, which he says will be “exposing the dark side of the industry.”

Christopher said: “Dating websites benefit from having scammers and the huge number, the vast majority, of dating websites out there do not protect their members against scammers, because to do so would make them less profitable. 

“And if those websites were less profitable, of course they would have less money, but they’d also be less able to bid for traffic.”

He claims that rather than being victims of scammers, dating sites allow professional scammers – mostly from Nigeria, he says – to operate on their sites because the government have become wise to companies creating the fake profiles themselves.

“Website owners set up their sites to attract scammers; it is these scammers that bring in the most money for the site owners in a devilish symbiotic relationship,” said Christopher. 

“The only aspect of scammer behavior that sites deplore is the credit card chargebacks from fraudulent use of stolen credit cards.

“On the other hand, scammers who don’t upgrade at sites – who instead try to get legitimate members to pay by posting compelling stolen images and profile descriptions – are welcome at major global, national, and niche sites.”

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Peter Christopher is the owner of Christian Filipina, a site which matches up Christian men with Filipina women.

He appeared in the BBC’s dating documentary Tainted Love, and has just created the International Alliance for Honest Dating Sites, alongside LA-based Dream Connections and

They have set out a Code of Conduct for the industry, which includes the following:

  • Truth in Advertising
  • Direct, Human Screening of All Members (men and women) for Sincere Relationship Intent (not algorithmic or external agency profile review/approval)
  • Support those with Relationship Intent (not sex tourism)
  • Vigilant Internet Security Precautions
  • Protect Member Privacy

Christopher said: “We are just getting started exposing the dark side of this industry, and we are committed to educating the sincere men and women who deserve better, to assist them to successfully find true love. 

“Expect more to come from this alliance.”

Watch Peter Christopher’s video blog here:

Visit the International Alliance for Honest Dating Sites here.

Simon Edmunds

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