Hula is ‘Yelp for STD Testing Services’

STD Hula

Forbes have a story on Ramin Bastani, founder of Hula, an app described as “Yelp for STD testing services”.

Hula lets users find their closest STD test centre and allows them to access test results on their phone, so they can share them with partners.

Recent HIPAA rules allow people to access their healthcare records online – and Hula fills in and sends the requisite HIPAA forms, allowing the app to display a user’s test results.


Bastani wants it to evolve into something akin to Yelp, letting users rank and rate their testing centres. 

He says this would mean those who didn’t allow the electronic STD results to be shared would get a lower rating.

Hula then encourages users to share their results with partners, letting them “zip” or “unzip” their results.

The app is currently integrated with sites such as Grindr and OKCupid.

Download the app here, and visit their website here.

Read the original article over at Forbes.

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