Tinder-Gaming Marketer And Dating Assistants Launch Service For People Too Busy For Tinder

The marketer who gamed Tinder to get 2000 matches has partnered with Virtual Dating Assistants, to provide a service for people who are “too busy for Tinder”.

Tinder Done For You will take control of a user’s profile, picking and enhancing their best photos, chatting to matches and arranging dates.

They crowdsource photo feedback to find a user’s most attractive pictures, digitally enhance them, then apply their “secret attraction hacks” to the profile.

Their release says:

“Once the client (or the assigned wingwoman) swipes “yes” to women that interest him, experienced online dating writers then start communicating with matches, secure the woman’s phone number or even set up the first date.”

Once this is done, they will contact you with a number, or when and where for a date.

The site is run by Virtual Dating Assistants, a middleman service who outsource a user’s online dating life to professionals who run their profiles.

They are celebrating their fifth year by “piggybacking” on the Tinder expertise of Blake Jamieson, the marketer who got over 2000 matches by photoshopping his profile to make it seem like he had been endorsed by Tinder.

Jamieson took the Tinder logo, photoshopped its outline over his profile photos, and added messages such as “Match of the Day” underneath.

Jamieson, who is President of Tinder Done For You, said:

“Tinder is now dominating the mobile dating market and we wanted to help men who are too busy or just don’t have the experience and skills to meet the caliber of women they truly desire through the app.

“Our Done-For-You service is making it quicker and easier than ever to connect with people face-to-face, which is where real lasting connections are made.”

Tinder Done for You’s plans start at $375 a month, which they say is “a small price to pay for the abundance of quality dates and the amount of time saved from sending countless messages on a hope and a prayer.”

Visit the site here.