eHarmony Launch First Mobile-Only Feature


eHarmony have added a Datebook feature to their mobile app, which helps users organise and plan dates.

It is the first eHarmony feature to be released on mobile without launching on the desktop site, and can be used to plan dates with anyone, whether they are an eHarmony member or not.

Features include syncing inputted dates with your iPhone calendar, and integrating with Foursquare.

eHarmony will also use date feedback to improve future matches.

Vanessa Petrosky, Mobile Product Manager for eHarmony, said: “As more and more eHarmony users go mobile, we want to provide resources that enhance the dating experience.

“Our customers have loved the eHarmony app, checking their matches on the go and now with Datebook as a companion, users will be able to schedule and catalog specifics about each date, bridging the online and offline dating experience.”

eHarmony now see 45% of users register via a mobile device.

This launch comes days after released the Great Date Guide – a list of date venues across the UK recommended by eHarmony couples.

As Petrosky said, “bridging the online and offline experience” seems high on the list of eHarmony’s priorities in 2014, just as it is for Match, who recently released their couples service Delightful.