Raya, The App That Accepts Users Based On Instagram Profiles

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 15.27.49Raya, a new exclusive dating app uses photo-sharing platform Instagram to accept the applications of potential users.

The membership-based app describes itself as an “exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries,” and aims to provide like-minded people with an “easy, accessible and comfortable” connection service.

Raya permits users to apply for a membership with their personal Instagram accounts.

Those who use corporate or business accounts to apply are more likely to have weak applications, and are subsequently less likely to be accepted.

On its official site, the app explains its decision to use the photo-sharing network for applications.

It says: “There exist a number of online dating services for all kinds of niches. Ours is particularly for people in creative communities who use Instagram as a way to share their lives and their work. Our application process exists to maintain that ideal.

“Of the various platforms developers can choose to enable potential users to log in with, Raya has selected Instagram, as we believe it is by far the most creative and expressive network with wide adoption. We do not, nor will we ever store your Instagram login credentials.”

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To become a member, each individual’s overall Instagram influence is evaluated.

Using its propriety algorithm, the app scores each applicant on who recommended the potential user and how many active Raya users follow them.

Raya’s secret committee will then either accept or decline every application based upon these factors.

Following its successful launch in March, memberships are now available through one or six month subscription packages.

The app reinforces its exclusivity with its high security outlook. Any reports made about profiles on the app are immediately investigated.

Screenshotting Raya user profiles is also monitored closely – if a user screenshots another user’s profile, they are automatically warned that if the image appears online, they will be blocked from the app instantly.

It’s Instagram-based application, alongside its zero tolerance policy on user misconduct makes the platform ideal for celebrities and influential people, who are often fed up of being trolled on other dating services – it has been described by some as the “Tinder for famous people“.

Nev Schulman, Kelly Osbourne, Raven Symoné and Moby are reportedly existing Raya members.

Check out Raya’s official site here.