Brilliant YouGov Profiler Brings Online Dating Customers To Life

Ever wondered what the average member of an online dating site looks like, or what makes users different to eHarmony customers?

Well thanks to YouGov’s new addictive profile generator, you can.

The market research company have built customer profiles for “brands, people or things” using data from their 190,000 UK members.

And audience profiles are available for some of the top, and most well-known, online dating sites – OkCupid, and eHarmony.

The picture above is what an average member looks like.

According to YouGov’s data, their typical member is aged between 25-39, are left-leaning in their politics, and most often work in consumer goods, insurance or the telecommunications industry.

Their favourite dishes are apparently oatmeal and raisin cookies or chocolate roulade, their favourite sport is basketball, and are most likely to own a fish.

The prevalence of Irn-Bru, haggis and the Royal Bank of Scotland in the consumer profile does suggest a Scottish bias in the sample of members.

YouGov’s data also says customers shop at Morrisons and Primark, use Gumtree and often rely on the radio for companionship.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.32.08

Singles using eHarmony are closer to the middle of the political spectrum, love apple pie and tennis and think adverts are a waste of their time.

OkCupid members describe themselves as clever, but on occasion nerdy and gloomy, are most likely to drive a Citroen, and enjoy reading The Guardian and watching The Wire.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.53.45

While the dating sites featured on YouGov’s site are currently based on small sample sizes, YouGov’s brilliant tool is very interesting when applied to larger brands, such The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed or Apple.

Such searches pull up some amusing titbits, like The Guardian readers’ favourites dishes include aubergine parmigiana, The Daily Mail readers believe “the country is going to the dogs” and people who read Buzzfeed drink Ribena.

Visit the YouGov profiler here.

Simon Edmunds

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