Zoosk To Rank Inbox Messages By Compatibility


Zoosk has launched a new feature which ranks inbox messages by the compatibility of the sender.

Priority Inbox will push messages to the top of a user’s inbox, mark them out with highlights and stars, if they are sent by someone Zoosk’s matching technology thinks would be a good match.

Alex Mehr, co-founder and president of Zoosk, said: “When developing the Priority Inbox feature, we took into account the fact that sometimes people who date online, especially women, become inundated with messages.

“Priority Inbox is a very unique feature for our members who will be spared the task of having to dig through a mountain of messages to find their desired match; not only leading them to form stronger connections, but to form meaningful connections faster than ever before.”

This new feature is likely a reaction to the success apps like Tinder have had cutting out this bombardment of messages, by making interaction mutually approved.

With such mechanisms becoming commonplace, Zoosk’s Priority Inbox is a step in the right direction to improving the experience for women overwhelmed by messages.

The idea is not foolproof however, as undesirable messages may well come from those compatible with you, and vice versa.

The feature uses Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking technology, which builds a picture and recommends matches based on a user’s activity and behaviour on the site.

Shayan Zadeh, co-founder and CEO of Zoosk, said: “At Zoosk, we are continuously working to provide the best possible experience for members to find relationship satisfaction online.

“Lots of dating websites highlight messages from people you’ve already talked to, but our technology allows us to take it a step further by prioritizing messages from new people we think you’ll want to have a conversation with.”