Gillette Used Tinder Data For Study On Attractiveness of Beards


Tinder were paid by Gillette to perform a study to find out whether women prefer clean shaven or bearded men.

The shaving company worked with the dating app to analyse 100,000 college-age male Tinder users, to determine whether women find facial hair attractive.

The anonymous test found that close-shaven men got 74% of swipes to the right – based on 25,308 US-based Tinder users aged 18-19.

These men got 37% more matches than those with facial hair – based on 100,000 US-based Tinder users aged 18-24

The Proctor & Gamble shaving brand combined this data with vox pops in colleges across America.

The results of this “follicular fact finding” test was published online at, and the brand also created a YouTube video, which you can watch below.

Tinder obviously have huge amounts of incredibly useful data for the marketing purposes of companies and brands – and perhaps this is another way the IAC-owned app plans on bringing in revenue, rather than introducing standard ads.