eHarmony Launch Windows App


eHarmony has launched a Windows version of their mobile app.

The Santa Monica-based company now see over 45% of users register via mobile, so have built a Windows app to add to their existing iPhone and Android apps.

It focusses on a simple sign-up process, brings match photos to the forefront of the app and gives live tile updates about matches.

Vanessa Petrosky, Mobile Product Manager for eHarmony said: “We want to provide a great eHarmony experience to all mobile users.

“With this app launch, we are thrilled to deliver our superior matchmaking services to Windows Phone Users.”


Paying subscribers receive premium features, such as seeing who has viewed their profile, and when a match last logged in.

This includes eHarmony’s What If feature – which shows a user someone who is a high-compatibility match, but just outside their preferred settings.

It also allows quicker payment – via either a mobile web subscription option, or through PayPal.

This year eHarmony released their first ever mobile-only feature, Datebook, which helps users organise and plan dates.

Datebook features include syncing inputted dates with your iPhone calendar, and integrating with Foursquare.

eHarmony is also using date feedback inputted on this app to improve users’ future matches.

See the app here.