ViewNMe Lets You Speed Date From Home

View Me

A new video dating site has been released that lets you speed date from the comfort of your own home.

Calling itself the “next generation of online dating”, View N Me lets users engage in a one-on-one chat, or join a speed date session.

A session consists of around 10-15 three minute dates.

The site was created by childhood friends Eric Friedman and Lindsey Lachman, who are based in New York.

Lachman said: View N Me connects people right away and allows them to judge for themselves if they are compatible.

“There is no more time wasted hiding behind a computer spending weeks emailing and instant messaging. 

“What you see on the camera is what you get.”

Feedback from users seems good so far; Allyson told the NY Post: “It feels a little funny, at first, to be dating from your kitchen table.

“But after the first couple of minutes, you get over your initial fears and enjoy the simplicity of it.”

The concept of the site was to eradicate as much of the fakeness of online dating as possible.

Co-founder, Eric Friedman said that normal profiles “often show a person’s best traits and qualities, including posting the best picture they’ve ever taken. 

“With video, there’s no way to BS.”

Overall, it seems a cheap and easy way to get to know someone better without travelling or the conversation of who’ll foot the bill. 

View N Me joins apps Zepeel, Instamour and Charm in a new wave of video dating – reacting to age-old problems within the industry of fake or misleading profiles.

They aren’t the first to engage with the idea, but with companies like Match interested in using video chat, the market is certainly open for someone to master the format.

Visit the site here.