CNBC Advertising On Grindr Following Worst Ratings In 27 Years


CNBC are apparently advertising their mobile app on Grindr, following a poor 2014 for the network.

The television network slipped to its worst ratings in 27 years last year, and their ad revenue fell by 4.6% in 2014’s third quarter.

And now they are attracting new viewers on Grindr, advertising their mobile and iPad app with a banner ad on the gay hookup app, as spotted by The New York Post.

It is understood the advert was placed there by an agency.

The business news network recently announced they will no longer use Nielsen ratings as a measure of their audience.

Last year, CNBC had an audience of 177,000 from 9-5pm.

This is down 13% from the year before, and down 17% from 2004, where they had around 214,000 viewers.

Have readers noticed any other TV networks advertising on dating apps, in a bid to boost ratings?