A Dating App Based on Attachment Styles

Dating app Reddi has shared how it uses an understanding of attachment styles to match suitable singles. The platform’s users will take a complimentary quiz, and then be put into 3 categories based on their attachment style: anxious, secure, or avoidant.

Those with an anxious attachment type prefer to be close in relationships, which tend to use up a lot of their emotional energy, Reddi explains. Individuals with this style will also often become preoccupied with a partner or potential partner, due to a fear of being rejected.

Users who have a secure attachment style tend to be the ‘rock’ in the relationship, being emotionally available and confident. This also includes being well grounded and communicating your feelings well, the app highlights.

An avoidant attachment style means an individual will want a relationship to be successful, but will be unconsciously fearful of being close with someone. This individual may have low self esteem and be less trusting, with others potentially seeing them as unpredictable or dramatic, Reddi says.

Founder of Reddi Stacy Thomson explained that “adding in attachment styles as part of our algorithm was a no-brainer. It has such an influence over our relationships, yet most of us have very little understanding of how it can make or break them”.

“We aim to point people in the right direction, leading to more sustainable healthy relationships”, she adds.

REDDI is based on attachment theory, a 1930’s study that explores relationships and behaviours between humans. Launched in August 2022, the exclusive, members-only community already has over 300 people on the waiting list

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