AdBlock Plus Hits Over 100m Active Users

adblock plus

AdBlock Plus recently announced it has hit 100m active users, and is approaching a billion downloads.

This number is up from around 50m active users and 500m downloads at the start of the year.

Announced by co-founder Till Faida, active users means active installations, so if you have a number of devices running Adblock Plus, they would all be counted.

And in a blog post announcing the milestone, the company said they are really seeing an massive growth in the US and UK, with rates in countries like Germany and France staying fairly stable.

AdBlock Plus runs an “acceptable ads” program, where advertisers and publishers can pay to show ads that are less obtrusive and disruptive, which ABP will then allow to appear to its millions of users.

And Faida said the whitelist program is currently being used by 40 of the top 100 US websites.

Speaking recently to defend the company’s adblocking services to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Faida recently said: “We’re in this mess because the IAB has failed to create an advertising ecosystem that is sustainable and healthy. What we’re all about is empowering our users to have control over their browsing experience.”

A recent report by PageFair and Adobe found that the number of people using ad blockers is growing at a startling rate every year, and there is now an estimated 198m monthly active users of ad blocking services.

The study said this number has risen by a massive 41% globally over the last 12 months.

Adblock Plus is now available on the App Store & Google Play Store as well as in a standalone browser, Adblock Browser.