American Opinions on Social Media Revealed By Poll

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According to a recent Harris Poll, Americans have negative feelings towards social media networks such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

The poll surveyed 2,160 U.S adults online between Dec. 19 and 21, 2017.

89% of the people asked were familiar with the social media platform Twitter, but they are divided on how they feel about it.

46% of Americans surveyed wanted to “kill it and hope it dies”, whilst 43% wanted to “fuel it to keep it alive.”

Next, the poll asked whether people were familiar with and what people thought of Facebook. 64% said they should keep the platform, with a lower 32% saying they hoped Facebook would go away.

Tinder was also largely disliked, with 43% of the poll asked wanting it go away. A similar percentage of people were not familiar with the app.

A free internet radio service, Pandora, is the most popular with Americans as it was the most well-liked, with 62% of people stating they want it to stay and only 19% wanting it to disappear.

See the full data below: