’s Alexa Integration has Rocky Start

eharmony alexa

Yesterday, launched its new Alexa skill: the Amazon AI will now be able to offer users dating advice.

The responses Alexa gives to common queries reportedly provide little guidance, however, and early reviews of the feature have been mixed. claims that some of the tips the AI provides are useful, such as “wait two days to message someone after the date” and informing users that the average first date costs $60.

Other responses may fall short, though – Alexa recommends that daters have “two cocktails if they’re cute. Have six if they’re not.”

If a date is going badly, the AI suggests: “Smile, nod, and order another drink.”

Regarding sex on the first date, users are told: “Only if you must, or they’re really hot.” It has no opinion, as of yet, on what constitutes sexual consent.

The skill understands around 30 different questions at launch. If it does not understand a question, Alexa simply replies “LOL.”

Match has access to vast amounts of data from its ‘Singles in America’ survey, and could theoretically provide more detailed insights into what makes a first date successful.

A Match spokesperson told VentureBeat: “The initial idea around the Match skill was a fun and light way to help singles with their upcoming dates, however we will continue to innovate and evolve the skill based on overall interest and engagement.”

eHarmony’s Alexa skill links to profiles, and can inform users who has viewed their profile and when they have a new match.

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