Twitter’s Answers Introduces Activity Segments To Help Apps Measure Retention Rates

Activity Segments
Twitter’s analytics platform Answers is releasing a new feature to measure user retention.

The social company decided to build the new tool after realising that some developers don’t focus on this key metric.

In a blog post, the Answers team said: “One of the biggest (and most costly) mistakes app development teams make is forgetting about retention.

“Yes, it’s important to grow your user base, but what’s the point in spending time and money to acquire a new user if they churn the next day?”

Answers is a Twitter-owned platform that helps monitor app performance metrics by giving an overall picture of how popular an app is.

The platform offers in-depth data on who is using your app and tracks what kind of things your customers get up to while in the app.

For example, Answers will measure who is purchasing, logging in and signing up to any given app.

twitter answers

And now the platform is introducing a new feature called Activity Segments, which offers you a more in-depth look at user behaviour.

The new feature will show you how active users are over the course of the week, informing you of the engagement changes that may occur during set time periods.

The company explains: “It’s hard to acquire new app users, so it’s natural to want to know if they are actually sticking around and converting into loyal users.

“Answers activity segments show how active your users are, over the course of a week.

“Based on session data, Answers groups users into buckets, ranging from inactive users (people who have not launched your app in more than a week) all the way to high activity users (people who have used your app almost every single day in the past 7 days).

“We even give you a breakdown of new and resurrected users.”

Activity Segments will also notify you of any out-of-the-ordinary behaviour on your app.

To find out more about Activity Segments, please click here.