Happy Couple App Wants To Bring Couples Closer With Fun Interactive Games

Happy Couple
With today’s growing online dating market, singles have more opportunities than ever before to find someone special.

However, despite the huge boost the sector has seen in recent years, there have been few apps created to try and help couples stay together once they are past the matching stage of online dating.

Noticing this gap in the market, Julien Robert, the CEO and co-founder of new app Happy Couple, decided to create a service that helps couples really get to know each other, with fun interactive relationship games.

So, with the help of ex-Google UI designer, Erin Johnson, who built and designed the app, and relationship expert and author Dr. Lonnie Barbach who wrote the questions, tips and challenges, he set about creating the product.

Speaking about the idea, Robert said: “Like millions of people, I met my girlfriend on a dating app. But no app takes you from dating to building a lasting and healthy relationship.

“I wanted to find a way to hack the code for a successful relationship, and Happy Couple is the result.”

Happy Couple
The app aims to bring couples closer by testing their knowledge of each other and encouraging them to build a stronger relationship with tips & challenges which the app sends to couples daily.

Every day, couples are asked five questions on topics such as communication, responsibility, sex, recreation and emotions, which they both have to answer.

In their responses, they have to choose what they think their partner will say, before giving their own responses to the questions.

Questions range from: “Which would your partner say is the best gift you could give him/her?” to “How would your partner describe your arguments?”

In between each question, singles are awarded points for matching answers and can chat in-app to speak about the answers they each gave.

The relationship app also has a grading system, letting couples progress, depending on how well they know each other.

When asked why he believes couples would want to use an app like Happy Couple, rather than simply chatting about these issues with each other in-person, Robert told GDI: “The app inspires conversation – it does not take its place

“It brings up topics that couples may be too shy to bring up on their own or topics they hadn’t even thought about to ask one another. 

“So far, couples love the app because it inspires conversation and helps them get to know each other better

“Even couples who have been together for many years report that the app reinvigorates conversation that may have gotten stale or routine over the years.”

Happy Couple

Although they do stress that the app is not a form of relationship therapy, its founders believe Happy Couple is currently the only app out there that helps couples come together and get to know one another better.

Comparing it to a mix between Quizup and the Newlywed game, Happy Couple’s CEO strongly believes there will be more apps of this kind entering the market in coming years, saying:

There are already apps for couples such as Couple or Avocado, but they only give you access to shared photo albums, calendars, lists etc.

“On the other hand, a lot of personal development apps exist. “Couple development” apps became obvious for us and our users are so addicted that it might trigger some ideas.”

So far, around 25m questions have been answered by the app’s 100,000 users, 50% of whom use the app five times a week.

Over the next twelve months, Happy Couple plans to add the capability to let users play their friends, as well as building a premium subscription service for couples.

The app is currently available on Android, iOSWindows and desktop.