Apple Changes Its Mind Over App Store Affiliate Program Commission Cuts

App Store Affiliate Apple

Apple has changed its mind about the recent commission cuts to its affiliate program that were announced a few weeks ago.

An email sent by Apple to members of the affiliate program said commissions for apps and in-app content would be reduced from 7% to 2.5%.

Commissions on all other types of content, such as music, movies, books and TV, were said to remain at the current commission rate of 7% in all markets.

Apple has now tweaked this change, saying in a new statement that the cut would only apply to in-app content.

Commissions for all other content, including apps, will remain at 7%.

Apple said: “We’d like to clarify some changes being made to the Affiliate Program. Commissions for all iOS in-app purchases will be reduced from 7% to 2.5% globally, and all other content types (including music, movies, books, paid iOS apps and TV) will remain at the current 7%.”

Apple’s Affiliate Program enables partners to earn commissions by linking to App Store content using referral links and receiving a cut if someone purchases the content.

Members of the affiliate program can place affiliate links to songs, albums, artists, apps and more on their website, app or emails.

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