Read This Guide On Writing Apps With Apple’s New Swift 3

Swift 3
At its recent WWDC 2016 event, Apple revealed the newest version of programming language Swift 3.

The update to the leading tech company’s service promises a clearer programming language to help developers create and code apps.

Speaking about the update, Apple’s Senior Manager of Languages and Runtimes, Ted Kremenek, said: “Swift was released as an open-source project just six months ago.

“A big part of doing that was not just to shove out a bunch of sources to GitHub, but to create a fully open community that drives the evolution of swift going forward.

“Swift 3 is the first major update to swift that is intended to a product of that community.”

And over at MacWorld, they have published a full guide on how to build an app in Swift, as well as detailing all the changes & updates Apple has made.

Check it out here.