Apple Is Removing Old Apps From Store & Capping Length Of App Names

apple app store

Apple has announced plans for a clear out of old apps on the App Store.

On the 7th September, the same date the iPhone 7 is expected to be revealed, Apple is beginning a process of “reviewing and removing” apps from the store.

The tech giant is evaluating products to make sure they still function as expected, follow current review guidelines, and are not outdated.

If your app is found to have issues, Apple will get in touch and ask you to make any necessary changes for the product to remain on the store.

After getting in contact, developers will have 30 days to make the changes.

The company did say, however, that any apps that crash immediately will be automatically deleted.

But if your app is removed, the name will not become available to other developers – it will continue to be associated with your account.

In addition to this clear out, Apple is also making changes regarding the length of app names.

The Cupertino company said it has decided to cap the length of app names to 50 characters.

This is because developers have tried to influence the search process by using “extremely long app names which include descriptions and terms not directly related to their app.”

And so now, the names of both new apps and updates will only be allowed to be 50 characters long.

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