Apple Update Developer Site With Resources For Businesses About Growing Apps

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Apple has recently updated its App Store developer site, adding new resources for developers looking to improve and grow their apps.

The new site has a section called Developer Insights, where top Apple Developers share how they approach finding success on the App Store, and what they’ve learned.

Companies such as Seriously, Grailr & Evernote give video talks on topics such as releasing app updates, localising apps for certain markets and building a brand on social media.

developer resources

Another useful section is Planning, where developers can learn how to build their business, offering insights into discovery on the App Store, choosing the most effective categories and helping users find your product page with “thoughtfully crafted app metadata”.

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The section has over 20 articles helping companies find out more about the most important topics around running their app business.

And for those looking to build a new app, and are unsure about the nitty gritty of submitting and applying to the App Store, Apple has updated its Submitting Your Apps page, complete with the latest releases of all their operating systems, guidelines and optimising tools.

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Developers can also check through all of Apple’s official guidelines, app review content and marketing tips, in a Guidelines section.

Check it out here.