ASecureLife Calls on Tinder to Protect Users from Convicted Criminals


A security group is petitioning to make Tinder safer and protect its users from convicted criminals and registered sex offenders.

ASecureLife acknowledges that safety is an issue with all dating platforms. However, they’ve targeted Tinder because it is a market leader and in a position to kick-start industry-wide change.

The dating app has a clause in its terms and conditions which states anyone agreeing to sign up must never have been convicted of a felony nor required to register as a sex offender.

However, the campaigners point out that Tinder has no way of enforcing these terms.

In a statement, ASecureLife reveals the three changes that it wants to be made. These are:

“1. Tinder’s safety page should include a link to the National Sex Offender Registry for easy reference.

“2. The app should create a system to enforce the aforementioned rule in its user guidelines, either by implementing a system that checks new profiles against local offender registries or by creating a safety team initiative that works with law enforcement and parole officers.

“3. Tinder should create an in-app resource that users can reference for quick access to local sex offender registries in their area.”

The petition targets an initial total of 100 signatures. It currently has just over 40.

Transferal of sexually-transmitted diseases is another issue currently facing dating apps. A sexual health expert has recently warned that the increased popularity of Tinder is possibly linked to a rise HIV cases.

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Dominic Whitlock

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