Ashley Madison Hack Documentary Is Now On Netflix

ashley madison

The Ashley Madison documentary Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks is now on Netflix.

The documentary, originally premiered on Channel 4, tells the story of the 2015 hack that almost ruined the Canadian extramarital site.

Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks was directed by British filmmaker Havana Marking, who made Afghan Star, which won Best Director and the Audience Award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

The 46-min film details the “hacking of the Ashley Madison “extramartial affairs” website and the fallout from the public release of its users’ emails”.

The documentary offers a comprehensive roundup of the high-profile hack, its strongest moments coming when it focuses on the hacked emails from Avid Life Media and the behind-the-scenes movements at the Canadian company.

Watch the film on Netflix.