Badoo Recognises Romantic ‘Textpectations’

Users on dating app Badoo are now encouraged to share what their texting habits are. The platform looks to promote openness about ‘textpectations’, as a survey showed 59% of UK singles agree it would be helpful to know someone’s messaging style upfront.

The key to lasting relationships is often said to be communication, so understanding how a potential partner prefers to communicate via text can be very important to some. Badoo’s research found 70% of singles agree that mismatched messaging styles can have a negative impact on a potential connection.

To address this issue, Badoo partnered with sex & relationship therapist Charlene Douglas to craft a new prompt for user profiles. Singles will now be able to display their ‘texting love languages’, highlighting how they prefer to interact with others.

These 5 texting love languages are: 

  • Texts of Affirmation – Text me all day: This person loves to message all-day, everyday 
  • Quality Texter – I need all the detail: This person is all about detailed, thought-through messages
  • Receiving GIFs – Emojis over essays: This person will likely only send an emoji or a reaction, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like you!
  • Texts of Service – Let’s make plans: This person messages for practical reasons only, for example to arrange a date 
  • Light-touch – I’d rather chat IRL: This person isn’t great with messaging, and prefers to communicate IRL 

The research from Badoo found that 60% of respondents have experienced doubts or ended a conversation because they were over analysing the meaning behind someone’s messaging style.

“It’s important to get to know someone’s messaging style before interpreting a delayed reply, lack of response or excited reply as a sign that they’re either not interested in you, or a bit ‘too much’”, explained Charlene Douglas. 

“I know it’s easier said than done, so I’d always recommend discussing your ‘textpectations’ with a new connection, and to understand theirs, as you could miss out on forming a relationship with a fantastic person due to a simple misunderstanding. And no one wants that!”

“Badoo’s new profile feature makes this all the more easy, so I’d encourage singles to give it a try and set their “textpectations”, and enjoy the confidence and clarity that it’ll bring to future connections”, she concluded.

Remy Le Fèvre, Senior Director Global Marketing and Communications, at Badoo, added “Mismatched messaging styles shouldn’t put a stop to blossoming connections. Messaging someone is something we do everyday; so in dating, it should feel easy and straightforward”.

“That’s why Badoo members can now add  ‘What’s your texting love language?’ question to their profiles, to help people set their “texpectations” and make clear from the off how they like to communicate and be communicated with. At Badoo, we’re committed to building confidence amongst our community , and we’re excited to see how this new feature will support  people to create great, meaningful connections from the start”, he shared. 

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