SoulMatcher Goes Live on Google Play Store

SoulMatcher, a new dating app that specialises in psychological-based matchmaking, has launched on the Google Play Store. Now available to Android-powered devices, the brand looks to continue its mission to bring together compatible singles.

Natalia Sergovantseva, Founder of SoulMatcher, shared that the expansion of the platform’s reach will further provide opportunities for “the convergence of innovation and psychology firsthand”.

The platform looks to match users who are mentally compatible with one another, encouraging users to take an in-app psychological test. This can determine levels of empathy or narcissism, for example, which then plays a key role in the viability of relationships.

Another unique aspect of the platform is the ability to evaluate friends and matches, allowing for P2P ratings amongst users. For example, users can conduct a peer assessment where they evaluate the personality traits of others, with the score being aggregated together.

You can find out more about SoulMatcher at its website here. 

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