Bumble Joins EU Roundtable on AI & Gender Violence

Bumble joined a roundtable with EU policymakers and tech experts to discuss how AI tools can be used for gender-based cyber violence.

Discussions focused on issues such as AI-enabled nudes, cyberflashing, and more. 

Morgane Taylor, European Lead – Public Policy at Bumble, shared insights and photos from the roundtable in a recent LinkedIn post. 

She wrote that “we heard from experts on how cyber violences, such as cyberflashing, non-consensual sharing or manipulation of intimate materials, and AI-enabled nudes, are a pervasive and growing problem that is experienced disproportionately by women”. 

In terms of next steps and policymaking, Taylor highlighted “the EU Directive to combat violence against women and domestic violence presents a unique opportunity for strong EU-wide standards to better protect women against gender-based violence, both online and offline.”

The roundtable was hosted by Danish MEP Karen Melchior. 

Participants and speakers included support organisation HateAid; research group Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy; and policy experts Center for Data Innovation

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