Bumble Product Manager Publishes ‘Working From Home’ in Blog Post

Niki Agrawal, a Product Manager at Bumble, has published a blog post detailing how the dating app, and its parent company MagicLab, are remaining productive while working from home.

The post included pieces of advice to help the readers make the most out of the current circumstances and continue their work in an efficient manner.

She explained that in some cases the working from home situation has helped to streamline the way that the Bumble team is working.

For example, there are now no location restrictions so employees are able to request a catch up call at any time, rather than delaying reaching out because the other person is in meeting all day.

She also added that team meetings are able to run more efficiently as the set-up time has been reduced. Members now just log in at the right times and Bumble uses Google Hangouts to have smooth meetings with more than 30 people.

The lack of a commute has also been hugely beneficial with some employees getting an extra hour or two added to their day, which can be used to read, take up a new hobby, or spend more time with their families.

Bumble added new virtual dating features last week to help its users continue meeting new people. It has also committed to donating $110,000 to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Read the full Medium post here.

Dominic Whitlock

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