Bumble’s ‘Making Moves in Music’ Winner Performs in Miami

Bumble has celebrated the winner of the first ever ‘Making Moves in Music’ initiative at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

The competition was aiming to bridge the gender gap in the music industry by offering an up-and-coming female electronic music producer the chance to showcase their talents on an international stage.

Dutch DJ Nicky Elisabeth beat over 500 other hopeful contestants to secure the top prize. She performed on the STMPD RCRDS stage at Ultra Music Festival and will also play a set at Mysteryland in her home country at the end of August.

Speaking to Mixmag, Elisabeth said: “Within the industry, it [can be] all about who knows who, or who is friends with who. What I love about this initiative is that it puts that aside and really focuses on talent.

“Before I entered this competition, no one told me they liked my mixes. It tended to be about business, not about the art. This was the first time that I came in touch with people who were really in it for the art.

“”[Bumble] are so passionate about empowering women. It’s something that I am passionate about as well, so it all fits, with them doing this project with me.”

Bumble Bizz has now partnered with marketing agency Bloggers Who Brunch to highlight influential women from the entertainment industry who are pushing for more diversity.

Two curated brunches were held to discuss the future and what the next steps are to ensure inclusion is an industry-wide standard.

CEO of Bloggers Who Brunch Alex Gregory told Forbes: “With Bloggers Who Brunch and Bumble sharing so many of the same values, the ‘Women in Entertainment’ series provided the perfect opportunity to bring strong women together”.

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