BumbleSpots Lists Ideal Locations for Matches to Meet in Person

BumbleSpots is the latest initiative by Bumble to encourage its users to take their interactions into the real world and meet with matches in person.

Bumble is planning to partner with a number of restaurants, bars and cafes which will be verified as ideal venues to meet someone for the first time.

The first Spots are situated at eight Moxy Hotels in seven cities around the US, but more locations will be rolled out in North America during the rest of this year. International venues will also be added in 2019.

Bumble will use the geo-location of its users to send them a list of the Spots that are nearby.

If people show one of their Bumble profiles to the waiting staff they will receive discounts on food and cocktails.

If the users are on a first date, they may be given special napkins or coasters that will suggest certain conversation starters and icebreakers. 

Andee Olson, Bumble’s director of partnerships, explained to Bustle: “BumbleSpot provides a safe environment for our users to feel comfortable meeting their connections.”

Bumble hosts many social meetups to promote real world interactions, such as Hive pop-ups, fundraising events and movie nights.

It is also trying to combat ghosting within the dating community, hiring an expert for the Halloween ‘Don’t Get Ghosted’ campaign.

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Dominic Whitlock

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