Musical Backed by Christian Connection CEO Opens on West End

Award-winning musical Come From Away is opening on London’s West End tonight after receiving funding from Christian Connection CEO Jackie Elton.

The performance tells the story of how 38 planes were forced on a diversion to Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11 when American airspace was closed. The 9,000 locals cared for the 7,000 unexpected visitors, keeping them safe and comforting them during the difficult experience.

Elton saw the musical during a trip to Toronto and was inspired to invest in the UK production, which is being run at The Phoenix Theatre, by the positive themes of love, diversity and religion.

She is currently organising trips to performances for Christian Connection members and staff, and is encouraging local church groups to do the same.

The faith-based dating website saw a spike in activity in the days following the terror attack. In a statement, Elton said: “We barely believed it. People were looking for something meaningful amid all that trauma.

“The story of Come From Away harks back to that time of great sadness but also of great intensity; a feeling which was life-changing. Seeing Come from Away has helped me to understand that more. I often wonder how many great loves were born during that dark but very intense period.”

Christian Connection published adverts on the London Underground earlier this year, appealing to single commuters who lead a busy lifestyle.

Spending the End of the World on OkCupid opened in a San Francisco theatre on the 25th Janaury.

Visit the Christian Connection website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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