Could Niche Dating Sites Reduce Your Chances of Love?

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Although many people claim to have a “type” and often focus their dating efforts on finding a certain kind of person, when it comes to pursuing a relationship, there is an argument that completely eliminating certain groups, especially online, may not be the best method.

There is a school of thought that says it is better to ignore the more specific character traits and focus on broader questions such as whether the person likes scary movies or would “ditch it all to go live on a sailboat.”

And a recent Wired article looks at this idea in relation to the growing number of niche dating websites. 

Elise Craig says that although specific attributes can be important, sometimes love can come from the most unexpected places and narrowing your search for a partner through sites like The League or Bristlr could be limiting in a negative way.

Finding someone who meets your own criteria may not be the worst idea, the article argues, but neither is broadening your horizons.

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