Cupiee: Using AI & Blockchain to Enhance Dating

Cupiee is a new dating app that harnesses blockchain and AI technology for an improved user experience. Beyond matching algorithms, the technologies allow for greater user verification, secure data storage, and the purchasing of NFT gifts.

Global Dating Insights spoke with the team behind Cupiee to better understand how the platform is using innovative technologies and strategies to help singles find love.

Rewarding Real Connections

With the ultimate goal of creating real connections, the platform looks to reward users for finding meaningful matches. Cupiee rewards users with 20 CUPI tokens (a virtual currency) for every match they find.

Once a couple have found love in their relationship, they can switch to ‘Love Mode’. This means they will no longer be able to match with others, and instead will be able to celebrate anniversaries with CUPI tokens. Rewards will increase as the relationship milestones continue.

With these tokens, users can purchase NFT gifts, using the tokens for creation of Generative AI photos. It’s important to note that CUPI tokens currently don’t have monetary values. The schedule for the listing of CUPI has not been officially announced yet.

Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Cupiee is exploring the value of AI in dating in 4 key ways. 

Firstly, it uses AI to complete a face liveness check, ensuring that users are genuine and not fraudulent. Secondly, the platform creates and suggests ice breaker conversation starters to foster meaningful communication.

Thirdly, Cupiee uses AI for smart matching algorithms which can take into account compatible preferences, activities, and more. Looking ahead, the dating platform wants to implement further AI-powered Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to enhance privacy and security.

Integrating Blockchain

Cupiee uses Single Sign On technology to provide every user with a dedicate blockchain address (Web3 wallet) with one click. This identity in the blockchain allows users to access digital assets, such as NFTs, virtual tokens, and data.

The blockchain will also keep a record of transactions that occur and share it publicly. This allows for data analysts to develop algorithms to detect harmful patterns (like cheating or fraud) in the transactions that occur.

Furthermore, the dating platform is partnered with EUENO, a decentralised data protection system that ensures user data is securely stored. 


Cupiee combines several different trends from across the industry, including supporting dating & the consequent relationships, using generative AI, and adopting blockchain. It will be interesting to follow the development of Cupiee and to see how these various innovations can benefit online dating. 

You can find out more about Cupiee on its website here.

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