Jigsaw & AWS Partner For Latency Improvements

When the dating app Jigsaw launched in the U.S., it faced high latency issues and low concurrency after a jump in users. However, new details have been released about how a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) was able to address these challenges. 

Jigsaw is a dating app that focuses on anti-superficial matching. Each user’s face is initially hidden behind 16 puzzle pieces, with meaningful conversation being the only method to see a match’s appearance.

AWS shared in a recent case study that once the dating platform launched in the U.S., it struggled to accommodate an influx of users. Jack Chamberlain, engineering manager at Jigsaw, explained the initial situation as: 

“The hundreds of writes, thousands of reads per second, and thousands of active users, caused problems with concurrency, and resulted in slow response times and long loading durations for users”.

To address these issues, Jigsaw moved to a database hosted by AWS, together with database solution SingleStoreDB. The result was a 50% reduction in latency, with concurrency increasing by 900%. This ultimately improved the experience of users on the dating platform.

In terms of the adoption process, Chamberlain pointed out that “the shift to SingleStoreDB was a model of excellence and seamlessness. SingleStore provided active support throughout the transition, aiding with post-transition optimization assistance, as we moved forward”.

Looking ahead, SingleStore and Jigsaw will work together to develop and improve the platform’s features. This includes adopting new functionalities and analytical capabilities, as Jigsaw implements machine learning and generative AI tools.

Read the full case study of Jigsaw & AWS here.

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