Keepler: A Singles Community with Relationship Experts

While Keepler looks to serve the singles market, it isn’t a dating app. The newly-launched platform provides expert relationship guidance for love-seeking individuals, allowing them to also form a community with other singles. 

Overall the platform Keepler is designed to address the online dating burnout, and the challenges of modern day dating.

“For thousands of years, people relied on their communities to provide the ‘checks and balances’ of behavior toward partners,” explained Rachel Abramowitz, founder and CEO of Keepler. “The isolation created by our modern world, the pandemic, and dating apps have ripped away that community support and experienced guidance”.

The platform operates in two ways. Firstly, it is a social community app for daters to receive useful content and ask questions to others. Secondly, it is a marketplace for dating coaches to find new clients and generate revenue.

A report from TechCrunch explains users can join informative forums where they discuss dating-related issues, including interracial dating, long distance, religious differences, polyamory, and more.

User profiles help indicate where that individual is at in their life journey. The ‘Wheel of Life’ feature helps users to highlight and reflect on which parts of their life they are most or least satisfied with.

“This kind of self-assessment helps members think holistically about their lives and observe how dating and relationships affect and are affected by the other ‘slices’ of life”, Abramowitz told TechCrunch.

“It also functions as an icebreaker tool since users can relate to each other’s unsatisfactory love lives”, she added.

Keepler currently has more than 6,000 people on its waitlist. You can find out more about the platform on its website here.

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