Dating App Users Trust Friends’ Recommendations Over AI

A new survey from Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) has explored the extent to which consumers trust an AI recommendation in different areas of commerce.

The research considered “GPS, television and movie streaming, music streaming, restaurant and bar apps, job search apps, dating apps, and news feed applications”.

Respondents rated the utility of AI in each domain on a scale from 1-10, with 10 indicating that they found the AI extremely helpful.

GPS was ranked most favourably, scoring 8.1 on the scale. This was also the only category where users preferred the AI over a friend’s recommendation.

TV and movie streaming scored 7.5, while music streaming scored 7.3. 92% of respondents said AI-driven music recommendations had helped to broaden their horizons.

The AI capabilities of restaurant and bar apps came in at 7.2, job search apps at 6.2, dating apps at 5.7 and news apps at 5.2.

Consumers trusted their friends’ recommendations over a dating app’s algorithm by the largest margin of all the categories. Only 13% favoured the AI recommendations, compared to 65% preferring the advice of a friend (22% viewed them equally).

89% of consumers felt dating app recommendations helped to broaden their horizons, however, compared to just 75% for newsfeed apps.

Participants expressed comfort at the idea of an AI doing their taxes in future, ranking this possibility 6.1 on a scale of 1-10. They were far less comfortable with the notion of an AI making decisions in a self-driving car, however, with this possibility scoring just 4.2.

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