Social Media Analysis Reveals Tinder and Bumble’s Most Popular India Hashtags

The second instalment of Campaign India’s comparison between Tinder and Bumble looked at how they are being talked about on social media, specifically which hashtags are being used.

Despite two of the most well-known dating apps having recently entered the market, there is still some stigma around online dating in India and users are hesitant to publicly talk about their experiences.

#HackMyRating is the most popular hashtag used by Indian daters when talking about Tinder, referring to a 2018 trend where users put their Uber rating in their bio in an effort to get more matches.

#Tinder is the second most used, followed by #TinderDown which trends when the app is experiencing technical issues. Thousands of users across the USA and Europe were affected by an outage earlier this month, leaving them unable to access their accounts, matches or messages.

Most of Bumble’s social media attention was focused on Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood actress who helped drive the India launch, and her new husband Nick Jonas. #PriyankaChopra, #NickJonas and #NickYanka were all more widely-used than #Bumble.

The article also highlighted the geographical locations of where the apps were being mentioned. India’s capital New Delhi has cumulatively mentioned Tinder and Bumble over 6,000 times, while the Mumbai area uploaded approximately 2,000 posts.

The previous analytical piece found that Tinder is significantly outperforming Bumble in terms of Indian social media mentions.

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