Dating Profile Management Service Expands to USA, UK, and Canada

A Swiss company manages the online dating profiles of its wealthy clients, chatting and arranging dates with potential matches. Amorai is now expanding its service to the USA, UK and Canada.

Amorai creates a complete profile for a client, and arranges dates for them to join in real life. The service is aimed at wealthy singles who are too busy to maintain and foster a romantic social life without outside assistance. “Sit back and get dates that suit you” is the company’s slogan.

Sven Affeltranger and Leonardo Reinhard, who previously founded the app InClub, decided to create Amorai as they themselves hired a matchmaker to manage their dating profiles. Once they saw this service was valuable to others, they decided to join the industry themselves.

The founders share that technology plays a big role in the project, with an understanding of AI and behavioural psychology playing a role in making the service effective.

Affeltranger and Reinhard have appeared on Switzerland’s entrepreneurship show Shark Tank and have a background in ETH Student Project House, a collaborative space for young people to explore business ideas and innovation. 

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