Dating Safety Check Tool XOXY Adds Zika Virus To STD Checks

Safety conscious dating tool XOXY has announced it has added the Zika virus to its list of checkable STDs.

The US company prides itself on being a game changer in promoting safe, healthy relationships for online daters – letting users verify themselves using the service’s set of health and safety tests.

Not a dating site, XOXY is a mobile safety and security tool that assists the dating population by helping to pre-screen potential dates to reduce the probability of health and safety risks, by linking with existing dating sites.

The platform enables users to undergo both a background check and an STD check – for the background check, the site sends user data to its partner, ICS-Merrill, who analyses the data to ensure the member is legitimate and has a clean record.

Users can also choose to get an STD check, XOXY pointing them in the direction of their nearest Quest Diagnostics lab to get tested, or through their own personal physician.

And now, with over 2,722 cases of the Zika virus in the US, and more in surrounding territories, the platform has decided to include the Zika virus to its list of STDs that must be checked against before users are given its STD credential.

The credential now requires screening for the Zika virus for those who have travelled to affected areas or those who show symptoms, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

XOXY co-founder Jo Lynn Clemens, who just returned from the 2016 CDC STD Conference in Atlanta, said: “XOXY’s solo STD credential now requires screening for the Zika virus for those who have traveled to affected areas or those who show symptoms.

“The CDC reports 2,722 cases in the US with 14,110 to include US territories and transmission occurs initially through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito.

“However, it can also be transmitted sexually, passed from a person who carries the Zika virus to his/her partners with or without symptoms.

“It can also be passed from mother to child, as mothers can pass the virus to their fetus resulting in microcephaly and other severe brain defects.”

After a user undergoes XOXY’s safety and verification check, an email is sent to them, letting them view the results of their background check, if any have been raised, or continue setting up their account.

Users who pass the background and STD checks will then be given XOXY credentials, which they can display on their profile to let others know they are a safe and healthy match.

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