Desti Launches ‘Tik-Tok Style Platform’ In Texas

Desti has launched their new dating app in Texas. The app stands out from the rest by filtering matches based on date destinations which cuts out the awkward small talk.

CEO of Desti, John Taylor feels as though his app is ‘positioned for this generation of users’ and gives the control over to the user of creating their own experiences. With a lack of ‘like’ button, this prevents users from wasting their time on dead end conversations and allows them to connect with the people that they want to. 

“When developing Desti, our goal was to create a distinctive user experience that offered at least 10 times more efficiency than competitors,” said Nick Dominguez, COO and Lead Designer/Developer of Desti. “We decided to bet on short form video being the future and provide people a way to communicate with far less friction. If you take a look at any woman’s dating app inbox it’s not hard to see the issue. I looked to books I read like Zero to One by Peter Thiel for capitalising on the last movers advantage.”

An added feature is that, in a TikTok-style format, users can discover videos of new places in their city.

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