Dine Launches New Feature To Lock In Your First Date

Dine, the app that creates matches by arranging first dates at restaurants, has released a new feature to help singles lock in their offline dates.

Today, the dating app is launching a brand new feature called Dine Lock, a tool that makes it easier to arrange and schedule a first date after a match is made.

In order to do this, the user must suggest 3-5 days or nights they are available to meet up, to help ensure that a date takes place.

After accepting a request on Dine, a calendar feature will appear in the chat area, where users can choose the days that fit into their schedule.

The singles will then prioritise a time and date to meet at the restaurant they matched over.

Dine also wants the new feature to make it easier for people to make a quick decision to meet up and arrange a date.

The CEO of Dine, Keisuke Kamijo said: “The purpose of this feature is to increase the ‘Date Rate’, or in other words the ratio of number of matches to real life dates, our core focus.

“Proving this added feature valuable, data from our test market revealed a 2 times increase in overall Date Rate from 20% to 40% giving us the greenlight to launch nationwide.”

The company first tested the tool in California, and is now rolling the feature out to its entire user base.

And as of today, all members of the restaurant date app must use the Date Lock tool after matching with someone on the app.

Read more about Dine here.


Dine Date Lock